Greater Woodstock Chamber of Commerce
Greater Woodstock Chamber of Commerce

GWCC Mission Statement: As the voice of the Business Community, the Greater Woodstock Chamber provides our members with value through strong leadership, communications and joint   promotions as we work together to strengthen and grow local businesses.

Woodstock, New Brunswick, where the Meduxnekeag and St. John rivers meet, is the hub of economic activity in the Carleton region and beyond. With a population of just over 5,100 people, the picturesque town is the main service provider for over 26,000 people in surrounding communities including Hartland, Florenceville-Bristol,  Centreville, Bath, Meductic, Canterbury and more. Many of the people from the rural surrounding region travel to Woodstock for shopping, employment and entertainment.

In addition to being the hub of the Carleton region, Woodstock, as a border town with Houlton, Maine, is where the four-lane Interstate 95 meets with the Trans-Canada Highway. The town is also a direct link to the rest of the Maritime Provinces when traveling from the West. A mere 600 kms from Boston and just over 700 kms from Montreal, Woodstock is an ideal place for travelers to stop or for a business to set up shop to break into Eastern Canadian or Northeastern American markets.
New Brunswick’s first incorporated town was once branded as the hospitality town and that spirit continues in its people. A walk down Main Street is met with smiles from passersby with a backdrop of an array of downtown storefronts. Clothing, restaurants, hardware, a pharmacy and more are all conveniently located on friendly Main Street and a campus of the New Brunswick Community College is located just on the other side of the Meduxnekeag River – mere steps from the downtown area.
An active Chamber of Commerce hosts the historical town’s Victorian Christmas celebrations, which encourages shoppers during the season. The atmosphere of the town is transformed with members of the Carleton County Historical Society dressed up in Victorian fare for parts of the celebration and entertainment abounding.

Woodstock contains many of the amenities of a much larger city like large grocery stores, big box retailers, car dealers, fast food chains, building supplies stores and more. Real estate, however, is relatively inexpensive when compared to larger centres.

The town is a terrific place to raise a family with its fine school system. Its focus on inclusive education is renowned around the globe. Children also have the ability to participate in a plethora of sporting and artistic activities. The Carleton Civic Centre, built in the mid-nineties, provides an indoor swimming pool, an ice surface, soccer and baseball fields and a fitness centre for adults.
Woodstock is the home of the Miss New Brunswick pageant, which draws a crowd from around the province during its annual Old Home Week celebrations. The week-long fair that has been around for over 60 years brings tourists and locals alike out in full force. Old Home Week, which is located at the Carleton Civic Centre each year, is now followed by the new Dooryard Arts Festival that encourages foot traffic in the downtown area with music, art and drama.

With great schools, caring people, an opportunity for post-secondary education, sports, music, art and more, Woodstock, New Brunswick is a perfect place, not only to live, but to run a business.


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